Web of Lines

  1. Using a dark, neutral color, create 3 lines on a page, varying in length & angles. They must not connect.
  2. Using a bright, vibrant color, create 9 points across your canvas. At least 2 points must be near corners of your canvas.
  3. Continuing to use your new color, connect each point to 3 extremes (endpoints) of your initial 3 lines.
Very large contrast between the dots, the initial 3 lines, and the resulting web.
The only analog execution of my instructions!
It appears the executor of this piece chose to connect each point to each extreme, but I thought this still looked great!
Same situation here.
Interesting “computation error” here in which a line was not strictly defined, resulting in starting with zig-zagged lines, but still limited themselves to 3 lines per point.




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Juan Estela

Juan Estela

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