Flag about a flag


The initial, static version of this piece was designed for my typography class for an assignment in which we designed a graphic for an assigned month to be featured in a collaborative “Calendar of Protests and Proclamations”. I was assigned to the month of June, which is Pride Month for the LGBTQ+ community. With my existence as an American gay man in mind, I considered how existing as a minority is inherently political in today’s United States, especially if one is proud of their identity and unwilling to compromise it. Therefore, I made a graphic meant to represent the waving of both an American flag and the LGBTQ+ Pride flag. This graphic equates existence to resistance, wherein a refusal to hide oneself means resisting the norm, and where fighting the injustices one faces is an act of self-validation.

Original piece; 8.5" x 11", risograph.

A new layer

When prompted to use ideas established in our Interactive Design class in relation to already-existing content, I was initially thinking about content which did not belong to me. I was also eager to work with AR technology again. However, when that idea proved to be incredibly user-unfriendly, I started to think of content of which I was the sole owner of with the original, unblemished files. This aforementioned project sprung to mind, as it was one of my favorites of the semester. I figured since this piece alluded to the motion of a waving flag, I wondered what if it was actually a flag? Can a flag have motion both in its physical form and in its design?

First draft of flag animation; animated using the Artivive app.

Soft launch and moving forward

Eventually, I printed this once-petite graphic at a larger, 5' x 3' scale to present to our class. Since we had already used Artivive in the class, students were prepared to point their cameras at the screen and see what I had come up with.



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